A Quick About and Questions...

A quick about…

Hi there, we are Brad and James from At Our House, based in Canberra (Australia).

We set out with the aim of hand-making small batches of affordable candles and diffusers that could provide fresh fragrances and create a relaxing atmosphere in homes, offices or boutique outlets. We found that sitting down with a soft flickering candle creates a fantastic relaxation zone, one that we want to share with others, including you! Our tagline ‘from our house to yours’ works to capture this essence of sharing relaxation and the need to find time for yourself.

Quick questions and answers…

Question: Do you use essential oils in your candles and diffusers?
Answer:  We use fragrance oils, which can consist of natural ingredients (essential) and/or synthetic ingredients. Using the mix blends better with the wax, helping to throw the fragrance further and more consistently, and also provides a more stable wax.


Candle Care Tips

Following are some general candle care tips to help you create that perfect relaxation zone:

  • burn your candle up to 3-4 hours at  any time, then let it rest
  • ensure your wick is trimmed to 5mm above the wax before burning
  • ensure you place your candle on a heat-proof surface
  • keep lit candles away from draughts, ceiling fans and any air currents. Some situations can cause uneven burning, smoking, diminishing the scent throw and even decrease the burn time
  • never leave a burning candle unattended and keep them 2-feet away from clothing, books, curtains or anything flammable
  • for wooden wicks, when lighting burn across the top of the wick; if the wick promptly extinguishes, help it by melting a small pool of wax at the base of the wick; don’t worry about trimming! 


Diffuser Care Tips

Following are some general diffuser care tips to help you create that perfect relaxation zone:

  • upturn your reeds and give the bottle a slight swirl every month
  • if you find the fragrance too strong, remove a few reeds and store separately in a glass or zip lock bag
  • when your diffuser eventually runs out (they last forever!) get in touch with us for a refill!


Ask us…

If you have any questions on our products just click the Messenger icon at the bottom of your screen or contact us using the form below.